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As a physician, I am also impressed with the health benefits.
Training at Lee Brothers has benefitted me and my son in many  ways.  We’ve increased our strength and our endurance, along with improving our focus, confidence, and patience. Training at Lee Brothers has helped us to learn about a different culture and widen our circle of  friends. There is a real sense of family at Lee Brothers.  This motivates us to attend class  and to take part in outside activities.  As a physician, I am also impressed with the health benefits. Muscle strengthening, better flexibility, and cardiovascular benefits improve students’ overall health and help prevent against many illnesses. One year has lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol without medication.  My family loves Lee Brothers Martial Arts.  We can’t imagine going anywhere else.

Jim Hedrick, MD

I had the privilege of having my children participate in Grandmaster Lee’s Taekwondo/Hapkido programs many years ago.

Through Grandmaster Lee, they experienced not only the learning experience of mastering Tae Kwon Do/Hapkido skills, but as importantly, the need for discipline, obtaining good grades, and balancing the many demands of life’s activities that exist during those formative years.  My son entered the program when he was seven years old, and it was not long after when my daughter, watching his presentations and progress, asked if she could participate as well.  Now, twenty years later, they are both living independent adult lives, and I know that their success today is partially due to the principles instilled upon them from Master Lee and the experience they enjoyed with his Tae Kwon Do/Hapkido program.

Thomas K.  Manning
– Chairman of the Board, the Alamance Burlington School System. 2004~2009

Grandmaster Lee is truly a martial artist in mind, body and soul!
Having moved to North Carolina in 2000 and after years of Martial Arts training in California, my husband Tony (then a 3rd degree black belt) and I (then a 1st degree black) searched Greensboro and surrounding areas to find somewhere to continue and advance our training.  We finally found Grandmaster Sang Ho Lee’s school in Burlington, NC.  There we found a place not only to get martial arts training, but we found a home and a family.  Grandmaster Lee is an amazingly powerful teacher who will not ask you to do something that he himself cannot do.  He is a mentor, a friend and he and his instructors and students have become like family.  Having moved back to California, we miss our training with Grandmaster Lee and are struggling to find anyone to compare to him.  We stay in touch with Grandmaster Lee and he is always there for us to help and support us as school owners ourselves.  Grandmaster Lee is truly a martial artist in mind, body and soul!

Laura and Tony Merafuentes
My family has grown….
My husband, daughter and I started taking Taekwondo Do/Hapkido a little over three years ago.  We chose martial arts at Lee Brothers in Burlington because it gave us family time and exercise all in one.  It has been amazing watching each other find strengths we didn’t know we had, and at the same time encouraging each other to overcome our weaknesses.  Taekwondo/Hapkido are not just physical exercise but mental also – it empowers us and gives us confidence that flows outwards in school and work.  In this journey are family has grown stronger, closer and bigger!!  We consider many at Lee Brothers our family!  We have sweated, cried and celebrated many events, both inside and outside of Lee Brothers.  It is such a blessing to have a great network of people that you can count, in both good and bad times.
-Martha, Mark & Kayla Whitman
Master Lee,  I just wanted to write you and let you know how much I absolutely love Lee Brother’s Academy.  
As a single mother of three school age children, and working full-time, I needed to find an after-school program for my kids to attend.  I had the option to use Child-Care Vouchers from my county’s Department of Social Services.  However, most of the after-school programs that were offered to me were little more than just babysitters. Even though I knew I would not be able to use my Child-Care Vouchers with your program, I chose to give it a ‘trial’ period to see if it was worth the cost.  I chose your program hoping that Taekwondo/Hapkido would help my kids to have lots of activity, guidance and discipline.  I enrolled them and right away I saw how absolutely caring & dedicated your staff is.  My kids get Taekwondo/Hapkido lessons twice a week in the after school program.  They learn discipline during the training, but also learn discipline from your staff during the leisure time as well.  Your staff help my children complete their homework before I arrive to pick them up so that when I go home I can focus on other things (which is really important for a single mother!).  Your staff love & care for my children as any wonderful friend would do.  They are learning to respect their elders and learning how to be respectful to everyone.  I find my children saying, “Yes, ma’am,” often and have seen a remarkable change in one of my children’s ability to communicate with me.  Instead of whining, he speaks up and tells me what he wants in a very respectful voice.    I have decided that no matter the cost of your program, I will sacrifice getting my Starbucks, buying that movie and saving where I can so that I can send my children to Lee Brother’s Academy!!
Thank you so very much for providing me with a chance to help my children grow in a positive way.

Laura Dailey Smith

How has Lee Brothers Martial Arts Impacted Me

When I think of all the ways my life has been affected by Lee Brothers I am overwhelmed. This journey started for me in 1991 when my wife and I decided to become more active and joined Lee Brothers in Burlington.   I had wanted to train in martial arts since I was a teenager and was now in my early thirties.  We signed up with this amazingly energetic young man who I was concerned, at first, was trying to kill us. He taught all of the classes with an unmatchable enthusiasm. I soon learned that he was one of the most kind individuals I had ever met; someone who truly cared about his students and their well-being.  25 years later this character trait has only grown.

It did not take 25 years for me to get to my first degree black belt test.   After a few years, I took a 16 year sabbatical to relocate, pursue a second career, and then return home again.   Fortunately, fate allowed me to reconnect when I started training again with my 6 year old son.   We have had many obstacles, but today we are finally here testing together.

I have not only benefited from the first rate training by excellent instructors, I have also benefited from the stress relief, mental piece of mind, and lasting friendships made over the years.   Especially that amazing, energetic, young man who fortunately was not trying to kill me but who has helped me accomplish goals that I had thought might be too late to attain. And I am truly thankful for that.

Jim Hedrick, MD

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